Sunday, September 16, 2007

Chapter : Four Stops, Four Types of Group.

Yesterday was pretty much an eventful day for me because I decided to be an all rounder meeting up person. You probably won’t understand what I have said but that is the reason why I am going off to tell a long boring tale.

It all began that I have arranged a Rashingi meet up because it was Kelsie’s birthday. Well, it was a day belated birthday meet up because on the night of her birthday she was busy. Anyway, it was a Friday and we met up at Sunway Pyramid for dinner. I drove off there first to do some college stuff which I have arrived a tad bit too late because the Student Service Department was closed but luckily enough they were nice enough to take in my form asking them to type a letter saying that I studied the course in English. Kelsie later on met up with me and we decided to play a game at the arcade. Our infamous game that we normally play, which is Rock Fever. The game where there are six buttons to press and one pedal. It is like o2jam but, worse. Well, sort of come to think of it. Anyway, we played a game and the funniest thing was we haven’t touched it for ages and the first time we played, we played against each other and well, I lost of course. The next time we played when Joey arrive, was some song we used to be able to conquer and we died on the first round causing our token to be wasted at one shot.

After walking and sitting around, we decided on the place to eat which was our favourite restaurant (well, mine and joey’s to be exact) named Zanmai. We just sat there chatting and then Sylvia joined us later. After we ate our fill and paid the bill, we set off to the arcade again because Sylvia wanted to play Para and we tagged along. Sylvia played a few rounds and Kelsie play a round, and than later we tried the Rock Fever thing again. This time we were smarter because we chose all the easy songs to play. It was pretty amusing to see us trying our best to catch all the notes as though we are playing like professionals. A few rounds of laughter and fun, than we headed off home while I have to meet up with Seng Hon and my other high school friend for a drink.

I drove all the way back to my area and picked Seng Hon up and drove to Devis Corner, an Indian mamak which is pretty famous. I met up with Chen, Chee Lum and Ai May who came back from LA for a break. We sat there and caught up with each other and during that night, my phone couldn’t stop ringing nor having text messages coming in and the funniest part is that they thought I was majoring in Mass Communication. They thought that I was doing PR and when I told them I was majoring in animation that couldn’t believe me. After I drop Seng Hon at his place, I sped off to William’s and met up with my seniors from college. Yuki, Boo, Keng Sun, Nabil and Raymond were there and I met up with them.

They were asking me why do I look so dressed up to come to a nearby mamak stall and I told them I was at a dinner before that, and then only they believed me. They said that they feel under dressed looking at me. It was really amusing. After that, Yuki and I met up with Jin and Foong at Mcd’s and we sat there till 3 in the morning just chatting and laughing plus the occasionally stoning. All in all, I went back almost 4am and slept around 6am because I was reading a book and woke up around 12pm today just for lunch. It was really a hectic night that day because I went to four different stops meeting with almost four different groups of people. It was fun and I don’t mind trying it again if it doesn’t take so much time.

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