Friday, April 22, 2011

Chapter : Livin' in Borderlands!

Guess what am I doing these days? Apart from working and occasionally meeting up with friends...the boyfriend and I are playing Borderlands! I would be hanging out at his place just to place this game. We’re going on missions and shooting weird ass monsters and ugly bandits that gives me the creeps when looking at them up close. I guess normal couples go on dates at shopping boyfriend and I have our “date” in Borderlands! I’m happy that I get to share my little nerdy and geeky side with someone. 

That game is pretty addictive and I remember pestering the boyfriend that I want to go over to his place to play’s so much fun! We could go on for hours playing it and occasionally stopping to eat or to have potty breaks. I wonder whether we’re going to try another co-op type game again after we complete this one. I will let the boyfriend decide because he’s way much more experienced in these kinds of games.

Good Friday and Easter are this week. Happy Easter everyone!


mr jp said...

So cute, you know .. I think there's addons to borderlands. We'll see if we can find in the shop!

alwizhyper said...

add ons?! more? yes, lets!!

Dayana said...

*cough* ovenbreak! *cough*