Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Chapter : Valentine's Day 2011

I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day and well, most of the time during Valentine’s Day I wouldn’t have anyone to celebrate it with. Normally during this day, I would be at home in front of my laptop or out with my girlfriends to celebrate it. But this year, my Valentine’s Day was different. I didn’t have a candle-lit dinner in some high class restaurant instead my Valentine’s was spent eating McDonalds in the office.

Originally the boyfriend and I were supposed to go out for some simple dinner because thinking that I would be finishing early. Unfortunately, the project I was working on had to do some changes so I had to leave later than expected. Thinking we could have a late dinner if I leave the office at 8pm but when I was working on the project I realized that I couldn’t make it so I gave the boyfriend a call. I told him that he had to get his own dinner but to my surprise, he said that he would come down to town to join me instead. I felt really bad because he had to drive all the way to town just to spend few moments with me eating McDonalds in the office and then driving all the way back.

Though the time we spent was really short, I was really happy to see him on Valentine’s Day. How was your Valentine’s Day this year?

PS: The boyfriend booked a Japanese buffet dinner to celebrate our belated Valentine's Day and it was the first time he ate Haagen Dazs ice-cream. 


Justin Bieber said...

what a noob. Did he splash out on a supersize?

Props to da king of bling. Me!

mr jp said...

shut up bieber :P

Jessie dear, when we going for the replacement dinner :)