Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Chapter : Missing

Sorry for not posting on my blog for a while. Well, currently I’m on a hiatus because I have been busy with my work plus I’m also quite lazy to post up new things. Nothing really big and drastic happened in my life so far.

Well, this post is just another post where I just missed the good old times. Don’t you remember the times you spent with your friends and loved ones? Well, I do and I miss it a lot. Sadly, due to our own personal reasons like work or studies, we barely contact each other anymore.

At times, it feels as though we are drifting so far apart that I fear that we might just be strangers once again. I tried my best to keep in touch with everyone but not necessary hoped that all of them would reply in just an instance but just to drop by and say hello would be good enough, if you know what I mean. It saddens me that the people that I’m so close with are drifting so far apart that somehow we couldn’t find the time to actually talk to each other, to catch up on things. A part of me fears that maybe they could be avoiding me? Maybe because I’m too clingy on them? I don’t know. But I just hope that my friendship with everyone is still the same. Plus it is exceptionally hard when all of us are in different parts of the world hence the different time zones.

Maybe I’m just thinking way too much, or maybe it is all those times I spend alone in the room. Or it could be that I’m worrying so many things at one go that it is making me crazy. Who knows? But for all that’s worth, I just pray that I can keep in touch with everyone again and in hopes that we could find time to actually come on and say a simple hello or asked how are you?


Bea said...


it's normal that ppl grow apart as we grow older and lead different lifestyles...but there's usually a close circle of friends that you won't grow apart from no matter what...=)

alwizhyper said...


yeah i know, but i fear that it could be the close circle of friends that might be slowly drifting away...and im like trying to hold onto them for my dear life! D: