Friday, November 14, 2008

Chapter : Pancakes!

I haven’t been updating my blog even though I have the free time now since I have handed up all my assignments. Well, it is because I was basking in my free time leisure that I became so lazy to even update my blog. Anyway, somehow today I feel like doing something so I have decided to update my blog.

This happened sometime a week ago, Kelsie and I decided to celebrate our freedom from assignments by heading off to Pancake Manor to indulge ourselves with delicious pancakes! Pancake Manor used to be an old church which the owner (I don’t know who) creatively converted it into a pancake restaurant.

Here are some of the interior designs I managed to take, though it is only two pictures.

Picture of Kelsie under really bad lighting.

Kelsie and I camwhoring in the restaurant.

Our pancakes!

Kelsie had the strawberry pancake while I had the chocolate pancake. My chocolate pancake was so rich and filling that I could barely finish it.

The remains of the unfinished pancake.


Sylvia said...

looks temptingly delicious lol o.o

Bea said...

oi...waste food! faster mail the leftovers here...hahaha

very the nice interior~~~~

alwizhyper said...

@ sylvia : pretty pricey but delicious!

@ bea : i would love too but i think by the time it reaches there, it will become SUPER soggy

Kelsie said...

hey your choco pancakes too close up... looks abit like ... lol

alwizhyper said...

@kelsie : looks like?